Active Ingredient

Afriplex Corac-Q™ is a concentrated botanical ingredient developed from the ROOIBOS plant, Aspalathus linearis, especially high in Aspalathin, a flavonoid unique to ROOIBOS.


Aspalathus linearis grows naturally in the Western Cape’s Cederberg region. ROOIBOS, often subjected to droughts, is a very hardy dry land crop. Superior quality ROOIBOS generally comes from the higher altitude areas with lower rainfall and consequently lower yield.

Geographic indicator

In achieving an optimised and standardised final product, the effort starts with sourcing of plant material of exceptional quality. In this regard Afriplex Corac-Q™ was developed by identifying preselected suppliers and utilising plant material. The latter is not only important to guarantee a positive quality outcome but also to ensure complete traceability.

“ROOIBOS received Georgraphic Indications (GI) status in July 2014”

ROOIBOS received Geographic Indications (GI) status in July 2014 – a status it shares with products such as Port and Champagne. This distinct form of intellectual property (IP) right is recognized by the World Trade Organization, and is typically given to products that are produced in a specific way and whose quality and reputation are attributed essentially to their place of origin (Bramley et al, 2014). The Cederberg region provides the perfect environment for ROOIBOS cultivation.


High-quality raw material is harvested from sustainable recourses and processed to produce Afriplex Corac-Q™. The patented processing method uses a specialised techniques technique to ensure standardised Aspalathin and related actives levels in the final API. During the research phase significant focus was placed on developing a process where the naturally occurring flavonoid compounds found in ROOIBOS (Aspalathus linearis) were not compromised and to ensure optimised concentrations of the relevant functional components in the end product.

The API is in powder format and designed to assist formulation into powder or liquid applications.